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Demineralized Bone Matrix with Cancellous Bone - Gel / Putty

ExFuse Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM) with Cancellous Bone Putty combines DBM with an anatomic based mixture of Cancellous Bone Chip and Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) Carrier to simplify your grafting process. ExFuse helps to stimulate mesenchymal cell proliferation and promote new healthy bone formation.

  • Contains Cancellous Bone
  • No need for rehydration
  • Easy Handling with high malleability
  • Excellent Biocompatibility
  • Osteoinduction
  • Osteoconduction 
  • Easy use with high viscosity

  • Product features


    Clinical applications

    -Bony void filler of the extremities and pelvis to prevent fractures
    -Bone graft extender(extremities, spine, pelvis) with autograft or allograft
    -Surgically created osseous defects or created from traumatic injury to the bone
    -Improved healing of fracture and nonunions