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D-Sure™ Bone


Demineralized Cancellous Bone Block

Cancellous Bone offers an osteoconductive scaffold for promoting bone regeneration. Used either alone or as part of a composite bone graft, cancellous bone supplies a natural scaffold facilitating the attachment of osteogenic precursor cells. Cancellous Bones have good osteoconductive properties and are very well suited to fill defects in the bony structure. Due to their natural origin and optimal porosity, cancellous bone is readily remodeled by the human body and are replaced by new host bone.

  • 100% Allograft Cancellous Bone Chip
  • 3-dimensional lattice structure enables a fast revasculation
  • Osteoconductive ability
  • Rehydrate prior to use
  • Osteoinductive ability
  • Osteoconductive ability
  • Excellent biocompatibility



Clinical applications

  • Spinal fusion and other general orthopedic surgeries
  • Any bone defect area where the malleable bone void filler needed
  • Maxillofacial defect reconstruction
  • Spine fixation with adequate materials
  • Bone fixation and filling in bone defects of various sizes and forms