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Cancellous Bone - Powder and Chip

CANOSS Cancellous Bone is a Freeze Dried Bone Allograft (FDBA) composed of 100% cancellous bone. CANOSS maintains all the growth factors, proteins, and minerals involved in the promotion of new bone formation, remodeling, and revascularization. Interconnected pore structure of cancellous bone allows cells to migrate into the graft and encourages cellular ingrowth. Minerals and collagens directly promote bone remodeling and revascularization.

CANOSS can be rehydrated with a patient's blood or saline solution and is provided in a specially designed syringe for user’s convenience.

  • 100% Allograft Cancellous Bone
  • 100% Bone Allograft with excellent biocompatibility
  • Optimized porosity for cell migration
  • Mineral and collagen promote cell regeneration
  • E-Beam sterilization after the final packing
  • Curved syringe for easy use
  • Osteoinduction
  • Osteoconduction 

Clinical applications

  • Extraction Site
  • Sinus Floor Elevation
  • Socket Preservation
  • Ridge Preservation
  • Sinus and Ridge Augmentation
  • Periodontal Defects
  • Grafting for Implant Placement